Illustrate for 'Music Kingdom'

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Illustrate for 'Music Kingdom'

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We are creating a story 'Music Kingdom'.

We need an illustrator to draw an overview of the music kingdom, imagine you are taking a picture of the whole country from the top of a hill.

Have you ever watch the famous animation cartoon Laputa or any works by Hayao Miyazaki? We hope the inspiration starting from here.

We are iOS app developer in Hong Kong, we want to create a music game with a story background as below:

1. Music Kingdom is a wealthy country, people living in this country are peaceful and happy.
2. The country is wealthy because the farmlands are fertile by the music created by a tree, the name of the tree is ' L'arbre de l'harmonie ', means the tree of harmony.
3. The tree ' L'arbre de l'harmonie ' is located in the heart of the country, it is a very big tree, with 12 flowers blossom on top of the tree. These 12 flowers are very important, each of them represent each music note (A, A#=Bb, B, C, C#=Db, D, D#=Eb, E, F, F#=Gb, G, G#=Ab). The design of each flower should have its own character and the image of the letter name, which means one can recognize the note name when look at the flower.
4. There is a city called 'Violin City', from the Birdseye view, the city is like a (stone) violin lay down on the floor.
5. This is not a modern city or country, this country is full of nature, peaceful, colorful.
6. Rivers, old fashion market, bridge, big field, farmland, forest, colorful gemstone mine, waterfall, tunnel.....anything you can imagine, put them on.
7. Even like a mixture of nature and science fiction.

Bring us your IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY as you can!
Submit your draft, if we give you 5 stars, pls draw it with more detail.

We want to find the right person to do the illustration in the first step in this contest, in the next contest is to fill in colors and turn the graphic into the blue print of the Music Kingdom.

If you are our right person, your works will be delivered to the whole world on iPad or iPhone in future.

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