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I am looking for a design for a honey jar label. I want the design to be clean, many colors, something catchy to the eyes but also has a very clean and modern look. It is a natural product so you need to write in romanian. You can look at the label attached from me, so I like it.
I do not want a copy of this label !!

I want a label for each product, acacia honey, rape honey, linden honey, sunflower honey. With the possibility of the winning contest to collaborate in the future to other products. In presenting the contest is only necessary to present one flavor of honey, such as acacia honey and the remaining three flavors of honey can be delivered at the end of the contest.
For each label, I want to be the flower that represents the flavor of honey.

I would like our logo to appear on the label, may appear small on the label, but the text font changed to match the label, the design of the farm to stay.

I will need:
- design concept to use for all my products and use for advertisement purposes in .psd layered format + vector (.ai, .eps, .pdf) formats;
- prepress (print ready files) for all labels;
- honey jars 3D visuals with new labels, to use in advertisements, web, facebook, etc.;
- new jars composition layered (.psd) picture like shown on pic above to use for my advertisements and other needs;

The label will be done in Romanian, so I will give a few words translated and the rest I'll edit with the winner.

Honey Farm = Ferma de Miere
Honey = Miere
Acacia = Salcam
Rape = Rapita
Linden = Tei
Sunflower = Floarea Soarelui
Natural product = Produs natural 100%
Acacia Honey = Miere de salcam

I am attaching our logo to contest, picture of jar sizes, after which should be labeled and label a picture that we like. Label size should be made to look good and match with the jar size.

Just to clarify, this is for a HONEY JAR LABEL design, not a HONEY FARM logo, I already have one.

0 Star, I haven't seen it yet
1 Star, Not even close to what I want, or you have copied some existing logos from the web (rejected).
2 Stars, You're a good designer, but try a different idea
3 Stars, Nice try, do some changes.
4 Stars, I like it, keep it this way, make some changes.
5 Stars, Great!

Later edits:
I added a nutritional facts for label.

Attached Files: 1.jpg 2.jpg 5.jpg FarmeHoney Hexagonal 380 ml TO 66.pdf Jar.jpg Tabel Nutritional.jpg Ferma de Miere Logo.eps

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