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3D Printable D&D model submission

Hello, this is my revised entry into your contest, I am now desplaying the second board with magnet holes, the magnet holes have a 0.2 tolerance which will allow the magnets to have a close fit. all files have been converted to STL for 3D printing, if you like i can also hollow out the Beholder so there is a space to store dice. hope you like my submission. Chris

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  • ChristianOlesen
    Contest Holder
    • 3 years ago

    Chris, this is amazing. One thing though. The drawing on the 2nd board is wrong with the holes. There needs to be 7 on all rows.
    If it makes it easier, you should be able to reuse the holes and pegs from the main board.
    If that means there is more holes than 7, thats just a bonus :)

    I really love the idea of a hollow beholder for dice / pegs. Nice thinking!

    • 3 years ago