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We need a symbol and word mark for a fashion label called "Chloe Vasco"; a young fresh lifestyle brand that creates fashionable women's purses and clothing .
The winning label will:
1. Convey 3 messages Unique, Stylish and Classy
2. Can stand alone and is easily identifiable
3. A logo that is clean and simple
4. The color schemes
- Magenta, Black, Gray
- Burnt Orange & Ash
5. Format AI and PSD .
6. You can use a unique creature such as the unicorn

Attached Files: american-architects-logo.jpg burberry.png Chloe+Vasco-+Concept+2+.pptx Chloe+Vasco-+Concept+2.1+.pptx homovino-logo-01.jpg Hermes.jpeg guild-food-writers-logo.jpg fatalist_fashion-logo-AEF33E1F4D-seeklogo.com.gif elefont-logo-design.jpg images+%281%29.jpeg snooty-peacock-logo-2.jpg unicornlt-logo1-410x265.png

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