Logo Design for Seat Covers Unlimited T-Shirts

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Logo Design for Seat Covers Unlimited T-Shirts

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We manufacture Automotive Seat Covers for all Trucks, Cars, and SUV's. Our fabrics range from professional OEM looking materials, to wild and crazy styles such as animal patterns, hawaiian prints, camoflauge and more.

To make this real easy, we simply need a cool logo design created for the front of a T-shirt. We want to stay away from a boring corporate look. We want more of a fun / cool / modern looking shirt that our customers would not be embarrassed to wear. As far as the general idea or vibe I'm speaking of, look at attachments shirt1, shirt2, shirt3, shirt4.

We kind of like the idea of doing our company name abbreviations of the letters "SCU" centered on the front part of the shirt, with maybe smaller text of the full company name spelled out underneath "Seat Covers Unlimited". We want you to get creative with legible but cool looking fonts (please no boring fonts, and no Old English type fonts). We would like some kind of cool looking artwork that flows around and behind the text. As we aren't designers, we don't know what style of artwork we'll like and go with. Some type of vector artwork (grunge designs around the text could work, but just stay away from designs that look like blood splatter).

We are open to colors of your choice, but in past logo designs and catalogs we've personally kind of liked red, grey, white, black, and yellow for colors. Just an idea, not a requirement. Choose which color background you think your logo will look best on (we want to put the design on white, black and grey t-shirts, we want you to spend more time on the logo, and less time editing colors to work on 3 different colored shirts, we'll worry about the different colors after we like your design).

WE ARE WILLING TO SELECT NOT JUST 1, BUT MAYBE EVEN 2 OR 3 WINNERS IF WE LIKE MORE THAN 1 DESIGN THAT IS CREATED!!!! Feel free to submit multiple ideas, and even ideas outside the requirements above, as we may like something totally different. Thanks everyone!!!

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