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I need 2 logos (the second one is based on the first one, so you won´t have a lot of extra work)

I need a logo and corporate ID for a new brand called "CCBD" which is an Institution of a Brazilian community living in Denmark. Inside of the institutions has a restaurant called "Sabores da Terra" and it will use almost the same logo of "CCBD" but changing the text. You can better see what I mean though the Holiday Inn example bellow:

1. http://www.utalkmarketing.com/UTMImages/2/24102007_123134_Holiday_Inn_Logo.jpg (analogy to the CCBD logo)
2. http://www.hiexpressathensga.com/Athens_GA_Hotel.gif (analogy to the "Sabores da Terra" logo)

The first logo is the basis and the second one has an adaptation from the first one. Please, make questions if you need it, of course!

So you are free to develop the best you can with your creativity. You can mix both flags or any other local symbols from both countries etc. It´s up to you! Let´s see if you can impress me.

A Corporate ID (or Corporate Identity) must contain the key elements that are necessary to establish a professional looking brand for our business. The items included within a Corporate ID set include:
+ A logo
+ A4 company letterhead with a matching envelope
++ A Microsoft Word doc file as well.
+ Business card
+ CD cover
+ 1 Sticker to advertise the website

The logo should be very simple with clear text. The logo should convey freshness, party and easygoing attitude.

Preferable colors are: Red and white (danish flag) / green, yellow, blue and white (Brazilian flag). Pick just one or combine them, you decide it.

I need the files to be delivered in .AI format (high quality vector), EPS, png, jpg formats and ready for printing!

Please make some suggestions for a nice design for the logo and Corporate Identity.

Best regards

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