Logo and Microsoft Word template design

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Logo and Microsoft Word template design

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Hi, I have a company called ALARIS CONSULTING. This company is a financial advisory firm assisting mainly SMEs to get EU, governmental or other finds of funds for their investments. In Latin 'alaris' stands for 'wing bearing', 'winged', which reflects our ambition to help our clients' businesses fly with the opportunities we [url removed, login to view] design should be simple, clean and professional. It is not a must to incorporate a wing into the logo, and from look and feel point of view it should be rather feminine. Preferred colours would be dark red, gold, grey..

Beside the logo I also need a Word template to present the new funding opportunities, news etc. The heading should contain the title of the document (I should be able to edit), the footer should contain page number and company name with logo but it is quite flexible, feel free to do as you wish. Please insert some text as well as I would like to see a good example for general font types (necessary to use Hungarian characters), and matching text colours, titles, highlighted texts, impoertant words that stands out, tables.

Handover of files:
logo: AI and Jpeg
Word: doc and jpeg of the elements if relevant

Thank you

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