Logo for luncher

Logo for luncher

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Hello Freelancers. We need a simple and modern design for 'luncher' a food delivery company. We are a web-based company that chooses a few items of the best restaurants each day and make them available to be purchased and delivered from our website . The winner will be required to provide the file type needed for stationary and our website.

Original EPS vector file in both color and black & white
Web-ready JPEG (will have white box background)
Web-ready PNG files with transparent background

We really like the simplicity of the logos in the following page: specially the one from barcode,food writers.

[url removed, login to view]

1. The logo most contain the name of the company all lower case
2. It needs to be easy to read and memorable
3. Use black and white
4. It must allow to be used for an ios7 app in the future

Thank you and I look forward to your design.

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