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Logo re-brand / re-design / update

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Contest Brief

Vianet is a company focused on Telecom and Technology, dedicated to corporate customers.

Our company is reaching 10 years this year. We want to re-design our current logo and make it better and more sofisticate, more updated. The logo can be re-designed but needs to keep the current concept that gives the idea of expansion, of new nodes, new connections... the logo has to have a "motion" concept.

We are a young and serious company, so the new version should tell this message, a fresh and new look keeping the corporate identity.

the new version should try if possible, keep the same idea of the current logo with a fresh new design. This is not mandatory because we want to avoid a complete change of our brand but, if you can think on something better and change it to a much better version, how can we disapprove it ? I can't tell you anything that could stop your creativity. The orange color has to be maintained.

We are attaching our current logo. If you want, you can check our website at to see a little bit more of what we do.

Please feel free to ask questions / send your ideas. The best design will then be selected to re-design our products portfolio / business cards / stationery / etc.

attached you will find:

1) current logo
2) 2 logo concepts that are good but not exactly what we want.. just to give an idea..

Attached Files: just+a+concept.PNG our+current+logo.jpg another+concept.PNG

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