Lovely Logo for a Murder Mystery Party Game Companyy

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Lovely Logo for a Murder Mystery Party Game Companyy

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Name to incorporate in the logo:
A Foul Play .com

Color preferences
Red, black and/or metallics.

We need a logo for a new online company based in Austin, TX called 'A Foul Play'. We offer premium mystery game sets in a "whodunnit" style for parties of 8-20 (think Clue). We cater to a high-end, adult market of individuals that enjoy or want to host dinner parties.

We will launch with all-inclusive shipped box sets, and will eventually offer instant downloads. Our games are rated from PG-13 to NC-17. We have a wide range of themes, including Game of Thrones-esqe, Contemporary Zombie, Haunted Hotel, VooDoo in Nola, and 80's Prom. The games themselves are innovative in terms of game play, and are supported with decor, music, costume & recipe ideas.

Our products are creative and tongue-in-cheek. The final design should communicate sophisticated, easy fun with the potential to be racy. We like smart negative space, vintage travel posters and screen printing aesthetics. We have a pinterest board for the brand:
[url removed, login to view]…spiration/


The logo will be on business cards, but also very small at the bottom of our gaming materials—basic legibility is important. We have attached a file showing some of our gaming materials. The logo will replace the "[url removed, login to view]" at the bottom of these materials (see imbedded in the border). This logo should be subtle enough to not detract or conflict with the wide range of game themes. The medieval materials are shown, but there are a wide range of paper colors, fonts, symbols and border designs for the other themes' materials.

We have also attached the basic aesthetic of our website. The logo will replace our name at the upper left.

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