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Canada's popular and successful Prime Minister and my best friend Mr. Stephen Harpher, Mrs. Laureen Harper, Ontario's premier Miss Kathleen Wynne and my brothers and sisters who came into a massive amount. [People chanting "Modi Modi... " in background]. Namaste [Indian salutation] to all of you. [Saying in Punjabi language] Sat sriya kal to my Punjabi Brothers and Sisters. Kem choo [Saying in Gujrati language, meaning "How are you"] I heartily thank to the Prime Minister and people of Canada. The way which Canada welcomed me respected me. The enthusiasm and excitement by which they presented their love. I am very very thankful for this to the Prime Minister and people of Canada. [Clapping in background] But this respect is not only of a person, not of Narendra Modi. This is the respect of 125 crore Hindustani [Indians]. [People praising and clapping in background] .....................

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