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I need a simple one page design for a personalized notepad, here some examples (i don't want it to be like this, is just to show the idea):

It has to be designed to be printed in one color, could be BLUE or RED and/or its variations and combinations with white paper background.
I want a design with lines to write in, is for a gift to some customers.
it have to be nice and also let space to the person to write on it without be an advertisement, but it have to include the business logo and the following information:

CUENCA S.A. (logo, attached in this project)
Precintos de Seguridad - Agroinsumos |

The definition is URGENT, i don't flag it as urgent and that way i make the price more significant, but it has to be defined in 72-96hs aprox.

You have to deliver all the original files and a jpg sample
The size is A4

So, i'll be waiting for your proposal ASAP
Thank you

Attached Files: logo-cuenca-2013.jpg

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