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Create the graphic design for a new tourism technology website. This is the main home site for the company and acts as an online brochure for the company's software subscription service.

The 3 pages to design are: Home, Pricing and Features. We expect the theme to carry through all pages however the home page will probably have significant design differences.

The attached document has more guidelines on use of color, images, and the rough content for those pages.

We want something smart, clean, clear, professional, and fairly flat (in terms of shadows, and 3D effects). See the attached document for more information about the business and the requirements of the site. We would like to avoid large sections of text and rather use snappy larger font text to sell the ideas. Where further explainitory text is needed we would like to ether link off to another page or expand a section below to see the more detailed text.

Attached Files: PSD Contest for Public Site Spec_v1.docx

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