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Post some Advertisements for Membership Recruitment

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Hello How are you! Would you be interested in performing 5 hours of work for my company? I want to see how good of a virtual assistant you are before I commit to hiring you for 40 hrs/week on an ongoing basis. If you do an excellent job, I will hire you full time within 45 days. I will respond to your response within 24 hours. If you are really good, you will be hired to work for us FULL-TIME. You will be competing against 5 other people who will also be posting unique, creative ads during their 5 hour opportunity. You will be ranked by the quality and creativity of your work and the best worker will get the first available job, with 2nd and 3rd place being hired withing 60 and 90 days respectively.

You must post as many ads as you can in a 5 hour time span. The ads must be eye catching, EACH AD MUST BE DIFFERENT IN BOTH TITLE & CONTENT.

My company helps people to start their OWN BUSINESS. I am primarily concerned with marketing within The United States, Canada, & the UK. We are ENTREPRENEURS. Your goal is to post ads that will lead to people viewing own website & JOINING OUR WEBSITE through a pay-as-you-go membership. There are several benefits to being a member of our organization. We design a FREE WEBSITE for our members, and we train them to become ENTREPRENEURS IN MARKETING. We can also launch the careers of fashion models & they can choose to become spokesmodels for our company or to represent our company at job fairs in the USA, Canada, & the UK. PLEASE READ OVER OUR WEBSITE SO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE BROKERS WHO CAN CONDUCT BUSINESS DEALS IN ANY INDUSTRY. Please understand that we are PRIMARILY LOOKING FOR MARKETING ASSOCIATES, ENTREPRENEURS, SPOKESMODELS, AND FASHION MODELS. However we are also looking for anyone who is a hard worker, who has a positive attitude, and is willing to run a business where they can earn over $2500/week.

Because of the volume of people that we deal with, we are sure to find full time employment for you with one of our branches as long as you do GREAT WORK!!! This is your chance to shine and to prove that you deserve an ever increasing income over the next 15 years!!!!!

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