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We are currently using the attached image to ask / motivate users to rate our app (if they like it). Unfortunately only a few do this. This may be a consequence of "banner blindness" or just a consequence of the fact that the graphic is just too boring or the text is not motivating or whatever.

I would like you to improve / change / optimize this graphic (and the text if you suggest another one) or create an entirely new one that has nothing to do with the given one. Be creative. What text / image combination wakes people up and gives them a reason to vote?

The "common things" like "Rating this app helps and support us"?
or something like.
"Rate immediately or your device explodes"...or "Give us 5 stars and you're a star or whatever....". ;-)

So it can be funny, uncommon, or not, whatever you think has the best chance to bring people to rate our app..... It is completely up to you and does not have to be similar to our banner.

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