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We're looking for a redesign of one single page for a mobile app.

Please make a redesign of the third pic on this page: (= drivers page with their photos and information). This is the only page to be redesigned.

Futher instructions: Those little icons in the middle are not needed; instead of those we'd give an information about the taxi company name and their prices. Also, there would be needed 'call driver' icon somewhere (phone icon).

So, we need 6 segments of information here:
- drivers name + his car
- company name + rates (example: Taxi Madrid; Start: 2,40€, Km: 1,80€)
- driver's photo
- distance
- driver's rating + his response rate
- call icon

What we like at the existing example:
- overall professional design
- text info is user friendly with enough empty space around
- cool readable and large enough fonts
- distance is visible enough on the right to be easily compared
- nice color selection for everything
- perfectly made vertically with information about exactly 4 different drivers

What we need: professionally looking design with cool color selection. It has to look different enough from the existing example. The file needs to be in psd or similar form.

Most probably we'll be looking for a redesign of other pages later and maybe a website design as well, so there is a chance for our cooperation later as well.


Edit: I added a few examples in case there is not enough space for text. You don't need to follow the exact order as at the original - you can put ratings on the top line and prices below etc. I'm not a designer (so don't be harsh on me) and these are just quick ideas. I gave these examples just because i saw some examples have problems with text to be readable enough.

One thing i have to make it clear - I don't say any of these examples have a better distribution than the one you have used so far, so you can work on that distribution and i'm sure it can be done perfectly. If i'd had to choose one among these 3 distributions at first sight, i'd probably choose the top one, because elements are put together in nice order and there's enough space around, distance is visible enough and there is even a space for other icons beside phone icon (like promotions or taxi which user had used already etc). Also, the bottom two examples look too much like the original (but you can change that for sure). So once again - the distribution which you used is perfectly fine as well if made nicely and it wouldn't look similar to the original (see no.9 which is the best so far). I hope i helped somehow. Thx for your work.

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