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Our company, CrossFit Hardcore (CFHC) owns and operates 7 CrossFit gyms in Southeast Florida. We have been using the CFHC logo with the skull for a couple years now and it is time to make a revision. The current logo is attached and can also be seen on our website at

New logo must include:
1) Same black and red colors
2) A skull must be used but it does not have to be the exact same skull
3) Approximate size is 290 X 100 for the website. We want it in a larger size though for other projects and will consider horizontal and vertical designs.
4) Must have CFHC.
5) Can include "CrossFit Hardcore" if it looks good.
6) We need a simple design as we use the logo across a wide variety of applications. T-shirts, equipment, letterhead, etc...

***Update 4/4/2013: I talked to my clients today and showed them the designs so far. For the most part they like a lot of what has been submitted. They are also open to seeing something completely different than what they currently have. So feel free to think outside the box a little. Also, they said they might be open to purchasing multiple designs as some would look good on t-shirts, so feel free to branch out a little and try something different!

Some common CrossFit elements which you can include in the design if you want:

1) kettlebells
2) barbells
3) pullup racks
4) wall balls
5) jump ropes
6) dumbells
7) crossfit rings
8) Olympic lifts including Snatch and Clean and Jerk. (These lifts both finish with a person holding a bar with weights over their head.)

Attached Files: CFHlogo5.png hardcore+Magnet.jpg Birthday-Crown.jpg crown.jpg

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