Single Screen/ Icons for a mobile application.

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Single Screen/ Icons for a mobile application.

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We are building a mobile wellness application. The application is a health and wellness tool, that requires a users to take a test, (Attached). Once the user takes the test, the user is given a score, and small pieces of information is delivered to the user based on the user's score. The purpose of this project is to come up with a design for 1 screen with (5) image states for the screen.

The application has a screen that must convey two sets of information to the user. One is the user's current score ranging from 60-100, and the other is a factoid with an image. The factoid is approximately 140 characters, and the image size is 320 x 240.

This shows the the user using a simple metaphor (5 states).


We considered using faces (like a smiley face) as a way to show the user state, along with color. The key focus of this project is to find the right image, and color choice to connect with our user to show their current state. We think a face is a powerful metaphor for showing the user state but are open to any suggestions you might have. The most important thing is that the user gets it quickly, and that it is elegant.

Our audience has a wide age range, (24-65), this image must be easily read, with little cognitive fatigue. A user must get it the meaning with very little thought. We expect more of our users to be women, than men.

Iphone, and Android.
The app is designed for iphone and andriod.

Since this is an application that a user interacts with often, it would be great to be able to overlay things, like weather, or a holiday visually in a way that doesn't take away from the core message of the 5 user states.

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