Static Banner Design for Freelancer type website

Static Banner Design for Freelancer type website

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Require Static Banner with 2 images, can be any format, as long as I have the sources, i.e illustrator, psd.
Width: 475px
Hieight: 145px

Have added a psd, showcasing how your designs will fit with my designs.
please look at designs.psd

Inside design should be following contents
Hire Professional Now in 3 easy steps, that loop

1) Post a project
Get started and post a project, its free and fast
(post project url. this item is clickable)
2) Receive Quotes
Professionals in your area and skill will be contacted
3) Choose a Quote

Find Work, in 3 easy steps
1) Find Work in your area and skill
2) Make a bid
3) If Accepted, contact provider and start work

I've added a design example to give you an example, its in flash, but require a static version

Attached Files: home_banner.swf banner2.jpg banner_grey.jpg banner_black.jpg fav2.jpg designs.psd

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