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Gator Cases, Inc. is a musical instrument, industrial and custom case company. We are looking for a new fresh sticker design to be used primarily for musicians to stick on their cases such as guitar cases, amp cases, percussion cases etc.

The sticker should:
Be 3" round or rectangle no bigger than 4"x6"
Must be done as vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator
Must be original artwork
Must include our logo in some fashion but we are flexible in how it is used (vector artwork for our logo is included)

We encourage it to be fun, can be musically oriented and if you would like to include an alligator of your own design we are open to that as long as the original gator is intact with our logo. To get a feel for our cases please review our website at .

Gator cases are focused on being:
Tough, durable, protective, innovative and affordable. We offer cases, bags, covers and more for everyone from the simple "gigging around town" musician to the on-tour around the world famous bands.

Attached Files: GATOR-LOGO-RED-WHITE on BLACK.eps GATOR-LOGO-Black -Red on white.eps GATOR-STICKER-SHIRT-LOGO.jpg

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