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The back seems a continuity of the front cover.

I did an montage with the two photos. My idea was to make the back cover seems the continuity of the front cover. Thanks for the opportunity to Participate. Please, send feedback. Thanks.

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  • JTStoll
    Contest Holder
    • 6 years ago

    Wow, that's amazing what you did with the back. I'm really impressed.

    The spine looks a bit sparse. I know it's a tough to have such a small spine, but could you modify a little?

    I like the font modifications that were done in #6: taking off the fancy curl on the R and making the font uniform height. I think that looks better for the spine.

    However, make sure not to have the letters reading horizontally like #6 did. Keep them reading vertically (down the spine), like they do right now.


    • 6 years ago
    1. cida2job
      • 6 years ago

      I changed the Spine as you asked. I put the title on the vertical and also increased the author's name. Please check and rate #10. send feedback. Thanks.

      • 6 years ago
    2. cida2job
      • 6 years ago

      I'm happy to hear that you liked my work. Thank you very much.

      • 6 years ago