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Contest Brief is a well established job site that is going through a redesign. Currently it is focused on selling an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to businesses looking for a mechanism to track candidates applying for their open jobs. The redesign needs to continue marketing those services. However, we are expanding our business model and need the site to represent those changes.

There are two pages that are being designed within this contest. The main job seeker (candidate) page and the main employer page. These pages are public facing.

Both pages need to incorporate:
o OpenOpp Logo (can be seen on the website)
o Simple and clean design (think Facebook/Twitter landing pages)
o Registration and login
o Each core concept listed below must have a link to find out more information

Candidate page design specifically:

3 core concepts that we need to get across to candidates:
o Apply anywhere with a click
o Job Search training
o Access our exclusive client list

Employer page design specifically:

3 core concepts that we need to get across to employers:
o Affordable, Robust Applicant Tracking System
o Post jobs
o Walk-in applicant management

Although there will be links at the bottom of the page for navigation (we assume), this is not a priority within this design.

Recommended Skills:

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