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Updated to show the video within one screen with manipulation. The new link for viewing the same is: The only 2 things that do not happen are.... 1) The video cannot be stopped at the desired frame since that would require video editing, also i don't think that would be desired since the sound effect may not be appealing with the sound ending abruptly. 2) Video not playing on some phones will always be a problem, some of them being - a) the video file being too heavy for loading, a) the inability for the handset browser to play the video since the playing is executed through HTML 5.

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  • doctorcheese11
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    • 6 years ago

    After the video ends, can we display a screenshot as soon as it shows WatchWrestling.TV from the animation?

    If it doesn't work for mobile/tablet, can we put up screenshot instead of animation for those devices only. Because on mobile, I'm currently seeing a picture of fishes inside sea.

    • 6 years ago