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About Hum

Hum Consulting specialises in creating powerful and effective marketing communications for services firms. We help professional experts like accountants, consultants, trainers and financial advisors tell a compelling story about their service offering and create the marketing tools they need to enhance and develop business relationships.

We craft visual identity, key marketing messages and content to make brands sing in print and electronic media, presentations, proposals, direct mail or online.

Existing site:


The audience of the website are SME business owners or marketing directors, or marketing managers. The site should be gender neutral, targeting the gen-x / baby boomer inner urban demographic. The site audience are professional services firms such as accountants, lawyers, consultants, financial advisors, technology companies looking for advice, insight and results, and are invested in their success. They are time poor and finding it difficult to keep up with modern marketing techniques.

Hum is based in Melbourne, Australia.


The mockup should consist of at least two pages:

1) Home page, with a primary focus on Call to Action - eg "Is your marketing strategy effectively driving sales?", navigation bar, twitter feed, recent blog article links.

2) One or more secondary pages showing all standard elements of a website - main content, listing pages (as used in blogs or news), forms, sub-navigation etc.

Active menu, sub-menu, menu hover, breadcrumb and form styling should be apparent. It should be clear from the design how navigation will work in the absence of "hover", as on mobile devices. Social icons / integration should be present, but integrated with design, rather than official icons.

The final implementation of the site will use the Twitter Bootstrap 2.x Framework, and LESS. Entrants must have familiarity of the grid approach of this framework, and the design constraints in imposes. Submissions should clearly demonstrate how the design will adapt to different form factor devices, from large screen desktop browsers, to tablets, to small screen mobile devices.

Use of embeddable fonts (font-face) is welcome, but entrants must confirm fonts are available for web use, and suggest fall-back fonts.

Submissions can be bitmap files, vector files, or HTML templates. Submissions are welcome in final Bootstrap 2.x format, however this will not increase the chances of winning, submissions will be judged on design. All source files used in the creation of the design should be included in the submission.

Conversion of the design to Bootstrap will be a follow-up Freelancer project.

Websites to draw inspiration from

1) - whitespace usage, and responsive design (note how the site resizes from desktop to phone form factor dynamically, without redirection or reloading)
2) - layouts and whitespace
3) - whitespace
4) - clean responsive design

Design Guidelines

Hum are retaining their existing logo (in the white background format attached) and colour palette, and the design should incorporate the "children images" motif. The current site refers to IT Services, however these will not be present in the new site, and IT services visitors are not being targeted.

The design should have a strong focus on typography and whitespace - a clean design. The current "dark" design is not to be followed and the "Business Services to Sing About" tag line discarded. The home page will not be "content heavy", and will have a focus on call-to-action. Example elements for home page could include large call to action, large visual, twitter updates, news updates.

Designers should feel free to be creative - non-traditional, while baring in mind the audience demographic.

Attached Files: humlogodropnc.svg humlogowhitetransparent646.png

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