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Hi! I need a Partner, which want work 30 USD per hour!
I have a lot of work and if i have to much to do, i need help!

I will give informations like this contest:

"I" need a Cover of this here:

BUT... the Girl should have Headphones!! ... and books are not needed, mask not too!
Background like the Athmo on first picture!

Better: If you have a own picture of a girl, which is "flying" and you have rights on this, than take it! I would flavour this than!
Dont use stolen Pictures! ;)

I need final Artwork in 16:9 ... and than 4:4
Dont use fonts!
Timeframe 2 days.

PS: I need the PSD File and right of this picture from the winner!

Edit: Other nice Levitation Artworks:

But the Background should be a room! Like Preview! Thanks!

Recommended Skills:

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