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So the word Mayaimi is the name of an old lake that Miami was named after. "Mayaimi Food" looks clearly as a name of a food store but the old form of Miami word won't allow you to just see it as an ordinary store. There's some inner question coming out, and it resonates with historical knowledge. Definitely it is not a commond store. The customer has got attention, the curiosity is waken, now he\she only reads the slogan and then just has to enter :) I know there's no paleo or primitive word in the name, but that's the point. Let the customer use his fantasy.Educate them! It's so creative that it makes them to create as well. The main questions are answered> it's from an old era and it's a food store...and it's in Miami:) Domain .com is available of course.

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                                     for                                         Write a name and a tag line/slogan for a new local paleo lifestyle driven store in Miami.

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