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Endless Blue

"Wake up, wake up!", the clock on her shelf rang so early in the morning, the sun barely shooting its rays through her wide window. This was not a quite usual day for Lenallee as she was required to get dressed up, being expected to show up on time for a family reunion. After barely waking up, she paid a visit to her mirror. With eyes almost shut, yawning, Lenallee had a blury vision of herself in front of her. Nothing unusual for a late sleeper. She splashed her face with cold water, and opened her eyes wide so she could see herself better. -"What is this?!", fear taking control over her face, she screamed with a high pitched voice. Something was not right. She had changed. She was afraid. Tears started flowing down her cheeks, being overtaken by hysteria. Her hair grew long and got deep blue colored. Her eyes were yellow and a mark appeared on her forehead. She had no idea that on that day, her life adventure would start.

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