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I need two articles one about Raw food and one about detox for my webpage.
I want it to be a WOW reading!
Each Should be around 1500-2000 words.

Benefits of Raw food, examples from my results.

1. Introduction about Raw food
2. My experience with Rawfood
3. The evolution of Rawfood
4. How Raw foods make your life easier
5. How to start
6. Common problems with Raw food
7. Where to find Raw food
8. Summary

1. Introduction about Detox
2. My experience with Detox
3. The evolution of Detox
4. How Detox make your life easier
5. How to start
6. Common problems with Detox
7. Where to find Detox ? I dont know about this rubric?
8. Summary

Please correct me with the structure if you believe we should change something...

This is a one pay work with no royalties and I own the work after and have all the rights of it.

Detoxify your body, Love yourself!

How? With Juices/ mono meals / smoothies / Raw food --> fresh living fruits, berries and vegetables

Master Cleanse --> Lemon, water , honey and cayenne this is the next step after juice fast and the step before a water fast.
Master cleanse, you can combine this withe the juice fast I was doing that I started my day with the master cleanse and had my first juice around 12-13. It coast a lot if you are doing like me just using organice products and people are concerned about money but they spend so much on other thing I give example here… They buy the best oil for their CAR service and so on. But taking care of them self ? no then they think everything is expansive, do you really love yourself then ? its expansive, do you really love yourself then ?
If you want to gain better health or have the body you are dreaming about you have to get an picture in your head and see it in front of you and get an emotion about the picture how happy you should be when you reach your goal. then you going to to everything to get there and I am here to help you! I going to give you all you need to be successful, just do what I did and I promise you results thats sticks! Long term success! Give them all the benefits with the Lemon, cayenne, honey water!! Juices /rawfood /smoothies If you don't want to loose more weight? Give them the answer! Important. because they fear! everybody fear! Educated them!

Show them the cleansing effects, so they now what to expect!

• Inspiration page about Raw food and Detox these are some of the greatest rawfood / detox specialists in the world!
http://fullyraw.com/ http://regenerateyourlife.org/ http://www.drmorsesherbalhealthclub.com/ http://www.treeoflife.nu http://www.rawfamily.com/

LOoking forward to talk to you and give you more information what happen to me!

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