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iPhone App Design

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looking for trendy yet sleek iphone app design, it's like ins ta gram but with categories similar to pin te rest.

attached are
1. two camera page mock-ups that i made.
2. one mock-up for the category page.
3. two examples of the home feed page.

you can redesign either 1 and 2 or 1 and 3.

NOTE: i want a different approach for filters, different from ins ta gram. and the hanger icon on my mock-up, please change it to a t-shirt icon.

this is for the younger crowd 17 - 26 year olds, guys and gals.

i will need a total of 10 pages but several pages are variations of category and home feed page. so it's not an entirely new page.
other extra pages, I will pay extra $25 per page.

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