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Hi! Here’s a few more illustrations I’ve made, based off of the poems “Spa Day” and “Through the Glass”. What are your thoughts? Do you like the use of grey tones in the aquarium one to build a sense of space, or would you prefer flat line drawings?

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  • joshwalt2
    Contest Holder
    • 2 months ago

    the aquarium picture is lovely. The sauna looks more like a steam room, in the sense that there's steam - I know sometimes people do pour some water on the heat source in there.

    As for the shadow for the clown, yes please.

    • 2 months ago
  • Bribear521
    • 2 months ago

    I’m also reworking the clown image, do you want some sort of menacing shadow from behind the clown to still keep it a bit creepy?

    • 2 months ago