The NASA Tournament Lab and Freelancer have teamed up to help crowdsource solutions to the most complex problems being faced by astronauts on the cutting edge of space exploration. Starting in 2015, this partnership has already spanned solutions from 3D tools for robotic astronauts to smartwatch mobile applications used for time tracking and important station updates.

In the latest set of challenges, we will be designing a robotic arm for the Astrobee, the next generation of free flying robots on the International Space Station. Get involved today and help NASA push the boundaries of human imagination and innovation.

NASA Robot Arm Illustration
NASA Challenge Phases Illustration


The Robotic Arm

Create the plans for how the robotic arm will be built. Participants will be pre-selected based on suitability to the task by filling out a survey then hired to create the plans for the arm.

Robotic Arm Building

Once the plans are complete, contest challenges will be posted. Freelancers will be able to compete to create the best designs for all the individual pieces necessary to build the arm.

Technical Drawing of NASA Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm Architecture

NASA has completed the selection of 30 freelancers who will now be tasked with creating the plans for the Astrobee's robotic arm. Please join us in congratulating them as they embark on this epic task!


Learn more about free flying robots such as the SPHERES, the Robonaut and their role in space exploration aboard and beyond the International Space Station. More media will be added as the challenges get completed so check back soon!

Technical Drawing of the NASA Astrobee

Active Challenges

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Technical Drawing of Robonaut

Robotic Arm Architecture

The pre-selection of freelancers to design the architecture behind a robotic arm is now complete. Please join us in congratulating the 30 winners who have been selected.

Application Challenges

Getting live updates and tracking your time is mission critical aboard the International Space Station. Our freelancers developed smartwatch concepts and applications for Astronauts to keep the ISS operational at all times.

Robonaut Challenges

Meet Robonaut R2, the humanoid robot who takes on the most dangerous tasks in space. For these challenges freelancers created 3D models of tools R2 uses to keep the ISS astronauts safe.

Branding Challenges

Inside of NASA there are many initiatives and programs to improve space exploration and the lives of those involved. To help further this goal, our freelancers improved the branding on logos, trophies and banners used at NASA.
Technical Drawing of the NASA Astrobee

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