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Modern Alert-Warning System UI - Sandeep Chauhan

As the problem of the contest organizer is bad UI. We decided to create something that is different from others but user friendly. The plus points of using our UI are as follows :- 1. The UI commands are not at all changed instead the way they are grouped and color coded is changed their font size has also been increased to make it more easier for the handler to read and perform the required task. 2. The UI provides complete support for other commands. 3. Our UI has double check benefit to reduce the mistakes as discussed by the organizer. When the handler clicks on a command it will open a new pop-up asking the handler to confirm that they are performing correct action. 3. The feature to send TEST Message is Shifted to the top toolbar to make it accessible easily. 4. The bottom mid section contains three circular percentage meters which can be customized and connected with advance devices to show required details. 5. The bottom mid also contains a settings button to customize the UI.

Contest Entry #332 for Hawaii needs yoUI!

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