Upgrade to Design Studio

The benefits of using the Design Studio

  • Time Efficient: Complete projects faster with a fully integrated project management and feedback system.
  • Results Driven: More targeted feedback means better design outcomes.
  • Inbuilt Contract Management: Legally own your design at the end of the project.
  • Faster Turnaround Time: Get updated designs and complete projects faster.
  • User Interface: An interface that will make it a pleasure to do business in.

Here's how it works

A private work area is automatically set up for you and your freelancer.
Your project description and any attatched files are automatically uploaded.
A project area where your freelancer can immediately start to submit work.
For each design submission you can easily:
  • Rate each design to provide quick feedback to the freelancer.
  • View the design in full screen view.
  • Reject designs that don't meet your design brief.
  • Choose designs you're happy with.
The Private Message Board is for you and your Freelancer to discuss anything related to your design project.
Create a poll with one click and get your co-workers, friends and family's opinion on the design options.
Once you've selected the submissions that you're happy with, click the "Finish Project" button to begin the file and legal ownership transfer.
Once you have found submissions that you're happy with, simply hover the entry and select 'Choose Design' to complete the project.