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Hi there, I have written a script that I would like you to test. I will attempt to send you a separate message so that you can test it. The script works by prompting you to choose the folder where you would like to search for images and then prompting to choose the location where you want the images backed up. It will then search for any jpg or tif files (more image formats can be added if required) and then check the files creation date. It will then check to see if there's a folder for that creation date and if not create one. Once it's found or created the folder it will check to see if the image already exists in that folder and if not it will be copied to the folder preserving the files original time stamp. Once the script has completed it will display a notification window and then open a log file containing a list of all of the files that have been backed up. Please let me know how you get on. This demo version will run for 5 days. Many Thanks, Nik

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