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Prove your credibility and win work 25% more often*

Exams badges are shown on all your bids and on your profile after you pass each Exam. They're a great way to win more work by showing off your credibility and trustworthiness to employers.

Freelancers who pass our Exams are 25% more likely to win and earn more than freelancers who haven't passed any.

How an employer sees your bid:

  1. Improve your Bid Ranking

    The Exams you pass will help improve your bid rank and your chances of being recommended to an employer

  2. Exam badges shown in each of your bids

    Employers can view your entire set of Exam badges.

  3. Exam scores to showcase your skill

    Employers can see your Exam results and how you compare against others.

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*based on all freelancers who bid between October 2017 and February 2018

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