Contest - Handover

Should I email the contest holder my entry when chosen as the winner?

No, you should not email your winning entry to the contest holder. This is for your protection.

To be able to receive the prize money, you must legally transfer the ownership of your entry file/s to the contest holder by completing the Contest Handover. This is the only way the prize money will be released to you, and it is easy to complete.

Should I provide revisions after my design is selected as the winner?

Freelancers, we recommend trying to accommodate minor revisions requested by the contest holder, but anything else is up to you.

How does the contest handover work?

Here's how the Contest Handover works:

  • The contest holder and winner should sign the IP Transfer Agreement.

  • The winner uploads the files and submits them on the Contest Handover page.

  • The contest holder has 14 days to download, review, and accept the files.

  • The prize money is released to the winner once the contest holder accepts the files.

Note: If the contest holder does not review the files within 14 days of them being uploaded, the prize money will be automatically released to the winner. To know more, please check here.

How do I sign the IP Transfer Agreement?

To sign the IP Transfer Agreement, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Contest Handover page.

  • Carefully review your details.

  • Check the box beside "I agree to sign the IP Transfer Agreement for the winning entry."

  • Click Sign Contract.

What should the contest winner provide?

The contest description on the contest page specifies the file types that need to be provided. The contest holder may also request for different specifications on the winning files, so we recommend checking the Contest Handover page from time to time. 

Here are the accepted file formats for the different contest types:

  • Design contests - JPEG, GIF, and JPG (Animated GIFs are not supported)

  • Video-related contests - MOV, MPEG, FLV, and AVI

  • Text-based contests - PDF and ODT

Entries should have an aspect ratio of 6:4.

Can the freelancer email me the entry file/s?

No, the entry file/s should not be transferred through email. This is for your protection.

In order to release the prize money to the winner, both you and the contest winner must legally transfer the ownership of the entry file/s first. This can only be done through the Contest Handover

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