Dispute Resolution Services

What is the Dispute Resolution Service?

The Dispute Resolution Service is offered by Freelancer.com to users who wish to contest the return or release of an existing Milestone Payment®. This service is offered only for users who have used the Milestone Payment® System.

If an issue arises wherein you wish to negotiate the return or release of a Milestone Payment®, you have the option to file a dispute.

In all circumstances, we still encourage users to resolve project issues or disputes between themselves rather than use this service. It is provided only as a last resort should parties be unable to reach an agreement. 

For more information about the Dispute Resolution Service, please click here.

How do I file a dispute on my project?

Any Freelancer.com user can file a dispute as long as their project has a related Milestone Payment®.

To file a dispute, follow these steps:

  • Hover over Help and select Disputes.  

  • On the Disputes page, click Create New Dispute.

  • Select the project to dispute and the user. 

  • Tick the Milestone Payment® to dispute. (You can file a dispute for all Milestone Payments in a project.)

  • Describe your reason for the dispute in detail and attach any supporting evidence you may have. 

  • Enter the amount you are prepared to pay (if a client) or wish to receive (if a freelancer) from the disputed Milestone/s. The amount can be between 0 and the total amount of the disputed Milestone/s.

From Stages 1 to 3, you are encouraged to attach any files that could support your claims.

Once you file a dispute, the other party will be given a number of days (4 if the other party is a freelancer, 14 if the other party is a client) to respond to the dispute. If the party does not respond within the given time frame, the dispute will close in your favor.

For more information about the dispute process, please read this: Milestone Dispute Resolution Policy

Can I dispute work that does not relate to a project?

No. You can only dispute a Milestone Payment® related to a project.

Note: The Milestone Payment® is the one being disputed, not the project itself.

Can I submit more evidence after the dispute has been escalated to Arbitration?

No. You are free to submit evidence for your dispute only from Stage 1 to Stage 3. Once the dispute has proceeded to Stage 4 (Arbitration), further evidence will no longer be accepted.

To know more about the dispute process, please read this: Milestone Dispute Resolution Policy

I accidentally clicked on the wrong button/typed the wrong amount! Could you change it back?

No. All actions made on the dispute system are final, binding, and irreversible. You are advised to be very careful when pressing a button or typing an amount.

If you are unsure about what to do in your dispute, feel free to contact Support by clicking Live Support on this page.

I lost the dispute! Can I file for reconsideration?

No. All dispute verdicts are final, binding, and irreversible.

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