How do I send a message?

To send a private message:

  • Hover over My Projects and select Inbox.

  • Select the message thread on the left pane of your Inbox.

  • Type your message and hit Reply.

Employers are the only one who can start a conversation with their bidders. Freelancers will only be able to message an employer once the employer messages them. 

To start a conversation, employers can go to their project's page, look for the bidder they want to contact and click the Chat button on their bid. If the freelancer is online, a chat window will appear to start the conversation. If they are offline, messages will be sent directly to the freelancer's Inbox, which they can read once they go online. To know more, please click here.

How do I open a chat?

To pop out an Inbox conversation into a chat, click the black Chat icon at the upper right corner of the text box. 

Alternatively, you can use the Messages icon next to your account balance at the top of your page. Hover over it, look for the message you wish to reply to and select it. A chat window will then pop out. 

To know more about messaging, please click here.

How does chat work with messages?

Chat and messaging are linked together - When you open a conversation, you will see all your messages along with your entire chat history. If you send a chat message to someone, it will be logged within your Inbox/Messages for your reference later.

Who can I message?

Employers can send a private message to any freelancer who placed a bid on their project.

Freelancers can send a private message to any employer with a project that they bid on if that employer has contacted them. Once the project is awarded, however, only the awarded freelancer can continue messaging the employer. Should the employer message another bidder after the awarding, then that bidder will also have a chance to reply to the employer. 

What happens when I message someone?

When you message someone, the message will be delivered to their Inbox and they will receive an email notification about receiving the message if they are not online at that time.

The message will also be saved in your chat window should they become online or you choose to continue the conversation in chat form. To know more, please click here.

Can I unsend a message once it has been sent?

No, messages cannot be unsent or removed from the recipient's inbox. Note that they will even receive an email notification of the message if their account is set up to receive email notifications for new messages.

How do I add an attachment to my message?

To add an attachment through your Inbox, simply click the + Attach Files button and click Reply. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file to the file attachment section. You may send multiple attachments at a time. Image files will display a thumbnail preview within the conversation.

You can also add an attachment through a chat window. Just click the clip icon on the right side of your chat box and upload the file. To know more, please click here.

Where can I find my messages?

To view your messages, hover over My Projects and select Inbox. From there, you can send and receive messages.

To view recent or unread messages, you can click the Messages icon beside your account balance at the top of your page. Once a list of your recent messages appear, you can select the message thread you wish to view.

How do I archive a conversation?

To archive a conversation, go to your Inbox, hover over the message thread you wish to archive, and click the Archive icon that will appear next to it.

Doing so will hide the conversation from your main messages view. If the same person sends you a message later, the archived message will reappear with the new message added to it.

How do I view archived conversations?

To view an archived conversation:

  • Hover your mouse over My Projects.

  • Select Inbox.

  • On your Messages left pane, click the All tab next to the Inbox tab.

How do I report a message?

To report a message:

  • Hover over My Projects and select Inbox.

  • On the left pane of your Inbox, select the message thread containing the message you wish to report.

  • Hover over the message and click the X icon at its right.

  • Click Report.

  • From the Report window, select the reason that best matches the issue you wish to report and provide details regarding the violation.

  • Click Submit to send the report.

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