Employers - Feedback

How do I rate and write a review for a Freelancer?

After a project is completed and the freelancer is paid the full amount of his or her winning bid (through Freelancer.com), the feedback system for that project will become available. You will be automatically redirected to the feedback form once you mark your project as completed.

A notification will also be posted on the Newsfeed section of your Dashboard page. Just click Give Feedback on the notification to leave your review and ratings for your freelancer.

Alternatively, you can use the feedback option by hovering over My Projects and selecting Feedback.

What if a Freelancer fails to complete my project?

Employers have the following options if their freelancer is unable to complete the work required.


      • Re-award the project

      • Cancel the project

      • Repost the project

      • Mark the project as Incomplete

The Incomplete Report will be posted on the freelancer's profile page as a review for the project. 

To leave an Incomplete Report, go to the project's page, click End Project (End Billing if the project is hourly), select "The freelancer is unable to complete my project." and click Submit

Please note that Freelancer.com recommends making every attempt to resolve any issues before submitting an Incomplete Report. If you find it necessary to leave this review, keep your comments at a professional level and refrain from derogatory statements.

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