Freelancer Memberships

What are Freelancer memberships?

A Freelancer membership is your way to benefit from using You can stay as a Free member or get additional benefits by upgrading to any of our paid Freelancer Memberships:

  • Intro

  • Basic

  • Plus

  • Professional

  • Premier

You can get a lot of benefits from any of the Freelancer membership plans starting from $0.99USD! These benefits will help increase your earning opportunities!

View the complete list of benefits per membership plan here.

What benefits do Freelancer Members get?

For Employers:


  • Free Project Extensions (for Plus, Professional, and Premier members) - This feature increases the time your project can receive bids.

  • Free Sealed Project upgrades (for Professional and Premier members) -  This feature hides bids from other freelancers, leading to more accurate, higher quality proposals.

  • Free NDA Project upgrades (for Premier members) - This feature ensures freelancers sign a Non-disclosure agreement before bidding on your project to ensure confidentiality of your project. 


For Freelancers:


  • More bids to use on projects. The more you bid, the better your chances at being awarded a project, which means you can earn more!

  • Instant email and real-time notifications when your favorite employers are hiring. Employer Following enables Intro, Basic, Plus, Professional and Premier members to choose their favorite employers to follow. You'll receive email notifications when they post projects and contests.

  • Never miss another earning opportunity! Project Bookmarking enables Intro, Basic, Plus, Professional and Premier members to flag projects they are interested in, to bid on later.

  • Unlock Rewards on Intro, Basic, Plus, Professional and Premier memberships. Earn credits to purchase upgrades, special perks and badges just for using Freelancer.

  • External Invoicing for Plus, Professional and Premier members. Send invoices to any client on the Internet and let us take care of your accounting and payment processing.


View the complete list of benefits by membership type here.

How much does a Freelancer Membership cost?

Please view the Freelancer Memberships page to see the pricing in your currency.

I've deposited funds for a Freelancer membership but haven't been upgraded yet.

Please click here to upgrade your membership. Just click Upgrade on the column of your preferred membership plan.

What are the Payment Methods and Billing Cycles for Freelancer Memberships?

Monthly and annual billing cycles are available for all paid membership plans.*

Depending on what option you choose, your membership will be renewed at the end of each month or at the end of each year. Billing due date information is available on the Freelancer Memberships page and your Membership page. If you choose to pay annually, you'll be able to save up to 20% compared to paying monthly.

*Intro Membership Plan is now only available on an annual basis.

We accept the following payment methods for paid membership plans:

  • Credit / Debit Card

  • PayPal

  • Skrill

Note: If you haven't cancelled your current membership plan on the day it ends, it will be renewed automatically. If you have insufficient funds, the plan will still renew and your account will have a negative balance. This will then be covered once you deposit funds or earn payments on the site.

If you have issues with the renewal of your membership plan, you can contact our Support team anytime by clicking the Live Support button here.

How do I upgrade my membership?

Visit the Freelancer Memberships page and click Upgrade on the plan you wish to upgrade to.

You'll be upgraded instantly to a new monthly or annual subscription. Plus, we'll refund the remainder of your previous membership plan!

To know more, click here.

How do I downgrade my membership?

You can downgrade to another paid membership plan or to the Free Membership. 

Visit the Freelancer Memberships page and click Downgrade on the plan you wish to downgrade to. Your new membership plan will begin once your current plan expires. That way, you'll still get all the benefits of your current plan until your new plan becomes active.

If you want to go back to being a Free Member instead, go to your Settings page and select the Membership tab. From there, click Cancel, select your reason for cancelling your current plan, and confirm the cancellation. Your account will return to Free Membership once your current plan expires. To know more, please click here.

We'll save your old membership details in case you decide to upgrade your membership at a later date.

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