Freelancers - Sponsored Bidding

What is a Sponsored Bid?

A sponsored bid is a way to get noticed immediately by Employers, over competing Freelancers. Use it to move your bid to the top of the bid list by paying a sponsorship amount.
Sponsored bids are ranked in the bid list by highest amount paid then by reputation.

How do I Sponsor my bid?

When placing your bid, the 'Bid Rank' section in the form will indicate your estimated bid rank for the project based on your reputation. 
  • Select the checkbox to Sponsor your bid for the amount displayed, which will then calculate your bid rank compared to other bidders. 
  • Increase your sponsor amount to further increase your rank. 
  • The minimum amount to sponsor is $10.00 USD and can be increased in 1c increments.
  • The amount sponsored will be deducted from your existing Freelancer balance.

How many sponsored bids can there be on one project?

There is no limit to how many freelancers can sponsor their bid.

How much should I sponsor my bid for?

The minimum amount to sponsor your bid is $10.00 USD. If competing freelancers have sponsored their bids for higher amounts, you can increase your sponsorship to compete and improve your bid rank above them.

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