Contest - General

Can I extend my contest?

Yes, you can extend your Contest at any time while your Contest is active or for up to 24 hours after it closes.

Please note that there is an additional fee for extending your contest. Half of this fee will be added to your contest prize to reward freelancers for the additional work they will do for your contest. The fee is proportional to the contest prize, and is calculated as follows:

3 day extension - 15% of contest prize
5 day extension - 20% of contest prize
7 day extension - 30% of contest prize

Why should I create a contest?

Your best reason for creating a contest is that it’s an extremely cost effective way to receive and preview potentially thousands of original designs, from professional freelance designers, and only pay for the ones you like!

By posting a design brief, and providing feedback to the designers, you give yourself the best chance to find your perfect design!

How much does a contest cost for Contest Holders?

There is no fee for posting a contest and for awarding a contest to the winner, however, your account must have a sufficient balance to cover the total contest prize that you want to offer. The contest prize is charged upfront so that your contest is launched and sent live. You can set the prize for as little as US$10. Optional contest upgrades may also be purchased during the contest creation. Note that the fees for these upgrades are non-refundable.

We have a Money Back Guarantee for the prize money, but this excludes Guaranteed Contests.

How do I create a contest?

  • Go to the Contest Page
  • Select the type of contest you would like to create
  • Write up your design brief. It’s helpful to include images and influences that show designers what you’re after.
  • Select the contest package you want.
  • You can also choose additional Upgrades to promote your contest.
  • Launch your contest

When do I pay for the contest?

You pay the full amount you decided to put as a prize (and any additional upgrades) to start your contest. When you award your favourite entry, we will release the prize money to the contest winner.

Can I get a refund for my contest?

Yes refunds are available for the prize money, but you must close the contest first and must be eligible for the Money back guarantee.The Money Back Guarantee entitles you to get your money back for up to 30 days from contest closing. When you're ready, please Contact Support to organise your contest refund.

Note: Refunds are not available on 'Guaranteed contests'. The refund does not include any upgrades that you may have selected. If you've already selected a designer and released the funds, you are not eligible for a refund.

What is the "Money Back Guarantee"?

The Money Back Guarantee (only for Regular contests) entitles you to get your prize money back for up to 30 days from contest closing.  Please contact Support for your money back.

Take note of the following for contest refund requests:

  • Refunds are not available for Guaranteed contests.
  • The refund does not include any contest upgrades that you may have selected.
  • If you have already selected a designer and released the funds, you are not eligible for a refund.

What is a Design Brief?

A design brief is a document you create to explain your business and the type of design you need. You can tell the designers exactly what you want (or don’t want) in your design, such as colours and fonts. Your information should be detailed and clear so it’s easily understood, which is why we also recommend providing supporting images, sketches or influences if you can.

How can I write a good Design Brief?

You can write a good design brief by thinking about what you want your design to include such as colours, fonts and images, as well as what you don’t want. Details are important! If you don’t include much information the designer will rely on their own skill and instincts. We also recommend providing sample images or sketches of designs you like.

Can I upload images or files to support my contest?

That would be great! We recommend uploading sketches for your contest to complement your design brief and help designers understand what you’re looking for.

You can attach files when creating your contest or once it is live. Just click “Edit Brief” and attach files under ‘Do you have any images that might be helpful?’

Can I change the details of my contest after it starts?

Yes, you can edit the design brief and contest details at any time during the contest. Just click “Edit Brief”, make your changes and then save them.

Note: You cannot make any changes after the contest closes.

Where is my contest?

To view your contest, go to the Projects and Contests Table on your Dashboard and check the Employer View radio button. Your contest will appear under the Open Contests tab.

We want every designer to find your contest, which is why it can be accessed several ways including via the Browse Jobs page, every designer’s My Skills page and on the specific design category. We also promote your contest through our Twitter feed (Private contests are excluded).

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