Hourly Projects

What is an Hourly Project?

An hourly project is a project in which you pay your freelancer by the number of hours they have worked on the project. With automatic billing on, a Milestone Payment® along with its corresponding invoice will be generated every Monday based on the hours tracked by the freelancer. 

Hourly projects are suitable for all types of projects, especially those which require a freelancer to work specific hours, projects with ongoing engagements, and projects where the scope is not clearly defined.

How do I post an Hourly Project?

To post an hourly project, please follow these steps:

  1. From your dashboard, click the Post a Project button beside your profile thumbnail.
  2. Provide a project title and description. You can also attach files (optional) to support your project description. Then, click Next.
  3. Set the skills required for your project. You can add up to five (5) skills only. Click Next.
  4. Choose Post a Project.
  5. For the payment option or project type, choose Pay by the hour.
  6. Choose the project's currency and budget range. Then, click Next.
  7. Select Standard Project if you do not require any upgrades for your project. You can select Recruiter project if you want to upgrade your project to Recruiter, or click Show Advanced Options to see the other upgrades that you can choose from before posting your project.
  8. Then, click Yes, Post my project to finish.  

To know more about posting an hourly project, please click here.

How many hours can I hire a freelancer for?

You can hire a freelancer within a weekly limit of 1 to 168 hours per week. 

While creating your project, the weekly limit is set to 40 hours per week by default. Once you award a freelancer, you can then edit it on the award modal based on your agreement with your freelancer.

Can I request my freelancer to make changes to their invoice?

The amount set on an invoice cannot be modified as it only reflects the amount of the Milestone Payment®.

The freelancer will have to cancel the Milestone Payment® for that invoice. Then, you can create a new Milestone Payment® to get a new invoice instead.

Other Milestone Payment® invoice details such as the name and address of the freelancer and client reflects the information found in their respective profiles. These billing information automatically updates when the client or the freelancer change their profile details through the Settings page.

How do I request a Milestone Payment® for an Hourly Project?

You can request a Milestone Payment® on an hourly project the through the project page by following these steps:

  1.  Open your project from the My Projects
  2. Go to the Projects payments tab. 
  3. Click Request Milestone.
  4. Enter the amount and the description of the Milestone Payment®.
  5. Click Request to send your request.


Your client will be notified via their email and Newsfeed about your request.


Requested Milestone Payments appear in the Milestones Requests section of the Milestones tab. You can edit or delete your request by choosing your preferred action from the drop-down button across the Milestone.

Note: We recommend requesting Milestone Payments to be protected in case issues arise on your project. Note that clients do not have to accept your request as hourly projects with active automatic billing are paid automatically every Wednesday in your client’ time zone.

How do I provide feedback for an Hourly project?

You will be prompted to leave feedback whenever an invoice is paid, whether you are the payer or recipient.

The notification will be shown on the Newsfeed of your Dashboard page. You can click it to leave feedback or you can click the Leave Feedback option on your project page.

Note: Invoice feedback can be viewed by both the client and freelancer, but they do not get published as a review for the freelancer. Only the final feedback given by both parties will be published on each other's profile page.

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