Employer Following

What is Employer Following?

Employer Following is a feature that lets you know when your favourite employers post projects or contests by following them on Freelancer.com. You'll receive an email when they post a project or contest so you can bid or join immediately.

Employer Following is available to Basic, Plus, Professional/Standard and Premier/Premium members only. If you are currently a Free or Intro Member, you can upgrade here now.

How do I start or stop following Employers?

To start following an employer, go to their profile page, click the dropdown menu next to Hire Me, and select Follow.

Once you follow an employer, their name will be listed on your Employer Following page. The Following label will appear next to their name.

If you wish to stop following an employer, hover over the Following label beside their name and the Unfollow button will appear; you can then click on it. Alternatively, go to the employer's profile page, click the dropdown menu beside Hire Me, and select Unfollow.

: For privacy reasons, employers have the option to prevent freelancers from following them.

How many Employers can I follow?

The number of employers you can follow depends on your membership plan. 

  • Basic members can follow 5 Employers 

  • Plus members can follow 10 Employers

  • Professional/Standard members can follow 20 Employers 

  • Premier/Premium members can follow as many employers as they like (Unlimited)!

To manage the list of employers you are following, check your Employer Following page.

How will I know when an Employer I'm following posts a project or contest?

You'll receive an email notification from Freelancer.com when an employer you are following posts a project or contest.

: You will not be notified if the employer posted a project or contest.

Why am I unable to follow an Employer?

You may be unable to follow an employer for any of the following reasons:

  • Only users who are under a paid membership plan can follow employers. Upgrade now!

  • You may have reached your limit for the number of employers you are allowed to follow. To manage the list of employers you are following, please click here.

  • The employer may prevent freelancers from following them for privacy reasons.

I wasn't notified of a project posted by an Employer I'm following.

You will not be notified if the employer posted a project or contest. The Private upgrade is designed to protect the employer's confidentiality by hiding their project details from search engines and users who are not logged in.

How do I prevent Freelancers from adding me to their Employer Following list?

To prevent freelancers from following you, here are the steps:

    • Log in to your Freelancer.com account.

    • Click your profile picture at the upper right part of your Dashboard.

    • Select Settings.

    • Select the Account tab.

    • Under Directory and Follow Settings, untick "Allow Freelancers to follow me, notifying them of projects and contests I've posted." (If it is grayed out, it is unticked.)

    • Click Save Settings.

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