What is an invoice for an external client?

External invoicing allows you to create invoices on Freelancer for any client - even if that client is currently not a Freelancer member. The advantages of invoicing all your clients through Freelancer are:

  • Allowing your clients to easily pay through Freelancer and receive the money directly into your Freelancer account

  • Having all your accounting done for you, so you don't have to worry about reconciling your accounts from multiple platforms

  • Using a consistent Invoicing platform and tailoring your invoices to your brand

How much does invoicing for external clients cost?

Invoicing external clients incurs a 5% fee for freelancers. External invoices for USD and EUR are limited up to $3000 USD and €2400 EUR. You can use for invoices with a larger amount.

To use this feature, you must have a Plus, Standard/Professional, or Premium/Premier Membership. The standard deposit and withdrawal fees related to the payment still apply.

How can I create an invoice for an external client?

To create an invoice for an external client, follow these steps:

  • Hover over your balance at the top of your Dashboard page.

  • Select Finances.

  • On your Financial Dashboard page, select the Invoices tab.

  • Click the Create Invoice button.

  • On the Select Project or External Client search box, select an existing external client or click on Invoice new External Client to create an invoice for a new external client.

  • On the Create Invoice form, you can edit your personal details, your client details, add your logo and fill up your billable hours as well any expenses you incurred in carrying out the work for the client.

  • Once you're happy with your invoice, simply click Create Invoice.

An email notification will be sent to you and the invoice will be emailed to your client.

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