Freelancer Rewards

What is Freelancer Rewards?

The Freelancer Rewards feature provides you with additional rewards and benefits just for using the way you ordinarily would.

As you complete certain tasks and accomplish certain goals, you will earn experience points (XP) that go towards increasing your Rewards Level. As you advance through the levels, you unlock rewards and perks that boost your earning potential and chances to win projects.

You also earn Freelancer Credits to spend in the Credit Shop. You can use these to purchase free project/contest upgrades, bids, and exams to save you money.

While everyone can accumulate XP and rewards, you can only spend credits in the Credit Shop and use active rewards if you have any paid membership plan. If you're on a Free Membership, visit the Freelancer Memberships page to upgrade!

Who is eligible for Freelancer Rewards?

All members will receive experience points (XP) to increase their Rewards Level, unlock rewards and earn credits and badges. However, only those with a paid membership plan can actually benefit from the active rewards for their current Rewards Level and purchase items with their accumulated credits in the Credit Shop.

Visit the Freelancer Memberships page to upgrade if you're still on Free Membership!

Where do I find my Freelancer Rewards?

You can see your progress for Freelancer Rewards by going to your Profile page and selecting the My Rewards tab. For your convenience, you can just click here

How do I earn Rewards?

Earn rewards by increasing your Rewards Level. Your current level and the number of experience points (XP) needed to advance to the next level are displayed on your Level Bar, which you can see from your Overview tab on your Freelancer Rewards page.

To level up, complete activities on the site that show participation on projects, contests, exams, etc. As you keep participating on different features on the site, you will earn experience points (XP). When you earn enough points, you will level up.

What is a Rewards Level?

Your Rewards Level is your current level in the Freelancer Rewards section of your profile.

  • As you complete actions and activities using, you earn XP that contributes to your Rewards Level.

  • As you advance to each new level, you earn rewards and bonuses to boost your chances to win and complete projects.

Does my Rewards Level affect my reputation?

No, your Rewards Level has no effect on your reputation.

Your Freelancer Rewards Level is a measure of your engagement on based on the actions and activities you have completed. While accomplishing various actions and activities can help you become a more experienced user and allow you to win rewards that boost your chances of winning projects, the Rewards Level does not measure your amount or quality of work done on the site.

What are Rewards Badges?

You collect Rewards Badges when you reach certain achievements on

There are 3 badge categories - Standard, Pro, and Elite, in order of increasing difficulty.

  • Standard badges are the most common and are the easiest to obtain.

  • Pro badges are a bit rarer but can be obtained with a little effort.

  • Elite badges are very difficult to earn and accessible to only our most dedicated users.

Find out how to earn these badges by visiting the Badges tab of your My Rewards page.

Where are Rewards Badges displayed?

Badges, unlocked through Freelancer Rewards, are displayed on your My Rewards page. From the Overview tab, the badges are listed under the Badges Earned section.

What are Freelancer Credits?

Freelancer Credits are a virtual currency you earn for completing objectives and actions on the site. You also earn bonus  Freelancer Credits when you increase your Rewards Level. These credits can be spent in the Credit Shop on various items such as free project/contest upgrades and exams, and extra bids.

Freelancer Credits cannot be converted into real money or funds and cannot be used as payment for projects. They can only be spent in the Credit Shop.

What are experience points (XP)?

Experience points (or XP) are points earned for completing actions or activities that let you participate in any features of Accumulating XP as you use the site increases your Rewards Level and the rewards and active perks you can get per level.

The total XP required to level up is displayed on your Level Bar from your My Rewards page.

What is the Credit Shop?

The Credit Shop is a virtual store where you can spend Freelancer Credits earned in the Freelancer Rewards Program. You earn Freelancer Credits when you complete certain actions or activities and when you advance to the next Rewards Level.

At the Credit Shop, you can buy reward items such as project/contest upgrades, free exams, and extra bids. Reward items are listed based on the user type - for freelancers and for employers. New reward items are added from time to time and some are only available for a limited time while stocks last.

Why can't I spend credits in the Credit Shop?

You will not be able to spend your Freelancer Credits in the Credit Shop if:

  • You do not have the required amount of Freelancer Credits to purchase the required reward item, or

  • You are not on a paid membership plan.

If you do not have enough credits, just keep on earning more by completing activities of participation on the site. If you are still on a Free Membership, you can always upgrade through the 
Freelancer Memberships page.

Why are some Items listed as 'Limited'?

Some reward items in the Credit Shop are limited in stock and are only available within a limited time.

These items are listed as Limited and will become unavailable once stock runs out. This is because they provide super benefits that are unfortunately too hot to give to everyone. Better grab them before they run out!

I bought an item from the Credit Shop but didn't receive the benefit?

You will only be able to receive the benefit of a purchased reward item after you activate it.

Purchased items from the Credit Shop will be transferred to the Your Rewards Inventory box, where you can activate the reward items when you're ready.

To activate a purchased reward item, click the Rewards tab from your My Rewards page. Under Your Rewards Inventory, click the icon of the reward item you want to use. 

Why am I not receiving the benefits of an unlocked reward?

While everyone can accumulate XP and rewards, one can only benefit from active rewards per Rewards Level and spend credits in the Credit Shop if they have a paid membership plan.

If you are a Free member, upgrade through the Freelancer Memberships page now to receive your rewards and buy reward items!

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