Freelancer Hire Me Program

What is the Freelancer Hire Me Program?

The Hire Me Program allows freelancers to use a reputation badge (Hire Me badge) that can be easily installed on a website as a widget or on an email as a signature. This will help freelancers show off their reputation, feedback, and skills to attract work from their own site and email.

To know more about the program, click here. You can also check the program's policies in the Referral Program section of our Terms and Conditions here.

Where can I use it?

Install the badge on your personal blog or website and use the e-mail signature template on your Gmail, Yahoo, or Thunderbird accounts! You can also share the link of your Hire Me badge on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn).

What are the benefits of the Freelancer Hire Me Program?

As a freelancer, you can:

  • Use this badge to show your credibility online.

  • Convert current clients into valuable reputation on the Freelancer network. Each project that is run through the network will add to your reputation.

  • Enjoy waived project fees for life! By introducing new employers to, project fees will be waived between you and your employer when doing a project together.

How do I create my own Freelancer Hire Me badge?

To create your Freelancer Hire Me badge, go to this linkIf you are currently logged in, you will automatically be able to preview how your badge will look like.  

If you have a blog or website, copy the given link for your Hire Me badge. You can also directly share it to your social media account on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

You can use the badge as an email signature and embed it on emails to your clients. You can edit the details of the email signature before copying it to your email. If you use an email signature in HTML code, you can copy the code provided.

I don't have any projects/feedback yet, will this still work for me?

Absolutely! With reputation or not, the Freelancer Hire Me Program is meant to help new and existing freelancers promote themselves outside of and ensures that they will be the only freelancer that will be hired for a specific project.

How do I qualify for the zero project fees?

Every client who is not a user and has not visited will automatically qualify as a successful referral once they click your Hire Me badge link to sign up.

Every successfully referred employer means zero project fees between the both of you for life if you and your referred employer are the ones working on the projects.

I referred a new employer but we were charged with the project fees. Why?

You and your referred employer can only enjoy the benefits of the badge if your referred employer:

  • has never visited,

  • does not have an existing account, and

  • joins by clicking your Hire Me badge (from your site, blog) or email signature.

What if my referral decides to hire other freelancers instead of me?

If by any chance your referred employer hires another freelancer, the project fees will not be waived for any of their transactions.

Can I still use the old Hire Me widget?

The old Hire Me widget has been discontinued so we encourage you to update to the new Freelancer Hire Me Program. You will only be eligible for the benefits if you are using the badge link or email signature from the new Freelancer Hire Me Program.

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