Preferred Freelancer Program

Are Recruiter projects exclusive?

Yes. To bid on a Recruiter Project, you first need to be a Preferred Freelancer.

What is the Preferred Freelancer Program?

The Preferred Freelancer Program is a way to reward our elite level freelancers by inviting them to work on some of the best projects has to offer! Elite level freelancers are committed to providing quality work and a superior customer experience. Only the top and most trusted freelancers will be accepted to join - if accepted, you'll be given guaranteed access to quality leads, high-level support, and a badge on your profile to showcase your achievements.


Learn more about the program and apply here.

Will the Preferred Freelancer Badge be visible to everyone on the site or just Recruiter project employers?

Everyone will be able to view the Preferred Freelancer Badge on your profile.

Why are my stats showing 0% in the eligibility checker when I have good stats on my profile?

You will not be eligible for the Preferred Freelancer Program if you have not completed any project in the last 12 months.

All of the stats in the eligibility checker are based on a freelancer's top skill. If you are currently ineligible, we encourage you to try again if you successfully complete more than 3 projects in the next few months.

Can I change my top skills in the eligibility checker?

Your top skills are the skills from your completed projects (over the last 12 months) with the most number. These are listed at the lower right side of your profile page.

All your top skills are calculated from the reviews you receive from your employers. As such, these are system-generated and cannot be manually edited. Instead, you can choose to complete more projects and earn more reviews in a specific skill within the next few months to increase its rank in your top skills list.

If you successfully complete more than 3 projects for a given skill in the next few months, we encourage you to try applying again.

How long does it take for applications to be reviewed?

Our team reviews all applications with a fine-tooth comb. This takes time, but we endeavour to respond within two (2) weeks.

When will the Preferred Freelancer Badge appear on my profile?

Once your Preferred Freelancer Program application has been approved, a badge will be automatically added next to your username on your profile page.

If your badge is not visible, please go to the Settings page and select the Account tab. From there, look for the Preferred Freelancer Program Status option. If this section is available, then your application has been approved. This option can be toggled on or off if you want to be contacted by Project Recruiters or just take a rest for a while.

If I sign the Preferred Freelancer Service Level Agreement, can I request upfront payments?

Asking for an upfront payment is not acceptable for a Recruiter Project. The Milestone Payment System has been created to facilitate payments in a safe way for both the employer and freelancer. Therefore, we highly encourage you to use this system in receiving payments.

It is not good practice to request upfront payments on any non-Recruiter project on the site as it results in a negative user experience for employers and/or may lead to sanctions for freelancers.

Do I have to accept all projects that are sent to me?

No, you don't have to accept if you cannot work on a Recruiter project for some reason.

You will be invited to bid on Recruiter Projects by our Account Managers, but you are not obliged to bid on them. If you can do a project, however, then we rely on you to accept it. 

Can I temporarily opt out of exclusive projects without affecting my Preferred Freelancer status?

Yes. If you are too busy to take new projects, you can change your Preferred Freelancer status temporarily.

Go to Settings > Account > Preferred Freelancer Program Status. Toggle the option OFF (if it's gray, it's turned OFF). Your badge will not be visible on your profile for the duration of your break from the program.

Do I need to have the Mobile App installed?

The reason we encourage Preferred Freelancers to download the Freelancer Mobile App is so they can respond to messages quickly. If you don’t have a mobile phone, tick the box and proceed anyway. 

Preferred Freelancers who do not have the Mobile App can regularly check in on their computer instead. 

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