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What is Freelancer Services?

Freelancer Services is an improved product where projects at a fixed price and duration can be signed up on by freelancers or "service providers" and offered to employers or "service buyers" who can place their orders for the services.

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How can I become a service provider?

Go to the Freelancer Services homepage, click on the service you want to provide, then click Become a Provider on the service view page.

You need to agree with the price that has been set for the service. When a service gets bought, a service provider gets selected and awarded with our proprietary selection algorithm, and a Milestone Payment is created right at the start.

There is no limit to the number of services you can offer as long as you meet the required criteria per service.

What are the requirements to become service provider?

To become a service provider, you should have the following:

  • a paid membership plan

  • at least 5 freelancer project reviews for the skills of the service

  • at least one of the required skills of the service on your profile

If you meet all the requirements, you will see “You are already a Provider of this Service” after clicking Become a Provider. If not, you will be shown the requirements you met and those you need to work on.

How does the selection algorithm work?

Our selection algorithm picks from a range of indicators based on responsiveness, reviews, online status and more.

The more reliable your reputation as a freelancer is, the higher chance of you getting awarded.

How can I manage my services?

Once you become a provider of a service, the Become a Provider button on the service view page will be replaced by the Manage Services button. Just click it to manage all the services you are a provider of.

Alternatively, you can go to your profile page and click the My Services tab.

On the My Services page, you can also disable services that you no longer want to be selected in.

How can I post my own services?

The option to create customized services is currently not available, but we are happy to consider adding new services. Just contact our Support team by clicking the Chat Now! button below this page.

How do I know if I am awarded a service?

You will be notified about an ordered service that is assigned to you through your Newsfeed and email account.

Can I reject the award for an assigned service?

Yes. The system will then re-award the service to another provider in the pool of qualified service providers and transfer the Milestone Payment to the new provider.

What fees do I pay for an awarded service?

You will be charged a 20% service fee when you accept an awarded service.

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