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    About Freelancer

    • What is Freelancer?
    • What fees does Freelancer charge?
    • How do I sign up?
    • I am an Employer, how will Freelancer work for me?
    • I am a Freelancer, how will Freelancer work for me?
    • Is Freelancer going to provide work for me?

    Californian Users FAQs

    • What is
    • Which projects will go through
    • Why are Californian Milestone Payments going through
    • How do I create an account?
    • How does this affect how Milestone Payments work (If you or the person you are working with resides in California)?
    • How do I file a Dispute for my Milestone Payment?
    • How do I get more information?
    • How do I get support if I experience problems with Milestone Payments in

    Contest - Choosing a design

    • Can I divide my contest prize to multiple winners?
    • How do I create a Poll?
    • How do I choose the contest winner(s)?
    • How do I choose the runner up winner(s)?
    • How long do I have to choose a winning design?
    • What happens after I have chosen the winner or runner-up winner(s)?
    • Can I ask for changes to the entry(ies) I have chosen?
    • What happens if my entry is selected?
    • Why is it taking so long for the contest holder to declare a winner?
    • I was promised the prize, but it was awarded to another Freelancer. What can I do?

    Contest - Compliance

    • How can I check that a designer's work is his or her own?
    • What happens after I report a design or designer?
    • How do I report a design or designer?
    • Why should I report a design or designer?
    • What happens if I infringe copyright?
    • How are my designs protected on Freelancer?
    • What if my design is copied?

    Contest - Entries

    • What are Sealed bids?
    • Am I eligible to enter?
    • How do I submit my contest entry?
    • What should I upload when submitting my entry?
    • What file format should I submit my entry in?
    • Can I use stock images or clipart?
    • Which fonts can I use in an entry?
    • Can I upgrade my entry?
    • What is a Sealed Entry upgrade?
    • What is the Highlight Entry upgrade?
    • What is Sell Price?
    • Why did my entry get a poor rating?
    • Why was my entry rejected?
    • Can I contact the contest holder?
    • Can the contest holder ask me for a copy of my entry before the contest ends?
    • What happens to my entry when a contest is refunded or closed or no winner is declared?
    • How do I withdraw my entry from a contest?
    • How will I be notified when new entries are submitted?
    • Can I contact freelancers?
    • How do I provide comments to freelancers for their submitted entries?
    • Why do freelancers withdraw entries?
    • An entry I liked was withdrawn, what can I do?
    • How do I rate an entry?
    • How do I reject an entry from my contest?
    • How do I stop a freelancer from entering my contest?
    • How can I refer to an entry in my comment?
    • How do I refer to a particular freelancer in the public comments?

    Contest - General

    • How do I create a contest?
    • Why should I create a contest?
    • What is a Contest Description?
    • How can I write a good Contest Description?
    • Can I upload images or files to support my contest?
    • Can I change the details of my contest after it starts?
    • How much does a contest cost for Contest Holders?
    • Can I get a refund for my contest?
    • What is the "Money Back Guarantee"?
    • When do I pay for the contest?
    • Where is my contest?
    • Can I extend my contest?

    Contest - Handover

    • Should I email the contest holder my entry when chosen as the winner?
    • Should I provide revisions after my design is selected as the winner?
    • How does the contest handover work?
    • How do I sign the IP Transfer Agreement?
    • What should the contest winner provide?
    • Can the freelancer email me the entry file/s?

    Contest - Payment

    • Do I have to pay to enter?
    • How much does a contest cost for freelancers?
    • When do I get paid?
    • Can I choose the currency I get paid in?
    • How can I be sure I'll get paid after completing the contest handover?
    • What can I do if the contest holder doesn't pay me?
    • What currency is accepted for payment?
    • What payment methods are accepted?

    Contest - Tips

    • Have you any tips for running a successful contest?
    • Have you any tips for attracting contest entries?
    • I need help with my contest!

    Contest - Upgrades

    • How do I upgrade my contest?
    • What is a Guaranteed contest?
    • What is a Featured contest?
    • What is a Top Contest?
    • What is an Urgent contest?
    • What is a Private contest?
    • What is a Sealed contest?
    • Can I remove my contest from search engines?
    • Can I make my Private contest public?
    • Can I increase the prize I'm offering?

    Desktop App

    • How do I install the Freelancer Desktop App?
    • How do I start using the app?
    • What is offline tracking?
    • How does offline tracking work?
    • What are the limits of offline tracking?
    • How do I uninstall the Freelancer Desktop App?
    • What are the system requirements for the Freelancer Desktop?
    • I am encountering this bug, what do I do?
    • Will the desktop app work in a virtual machine environment?

    Dispute Resolution Services

    • What is the Dispute Resolution Service?
    • How do I file a dispute on my project?
    • Can I dispute work that does not relate to a project?
    • Can I submit more evidence after the dispute has been escalated to Arbitration?
    • I accidentally clicked on the wrong button/typed the wrong amount! Could you change it back?
    • I lost the dispute! Can I file for reconsideration?

    Employer Following

    • What is Employer Following?
    • How do I start or stop following Employers?
    • How many Employers can I follow?
    • How will I know when an Employer I'm following posts a project or contest?
    • Why am I unable to follow an Employer?
    • I wasn't notified of a project posted by an Employer I'm following.
    • How do I prevent Freelancers from adding me to their Employer Following list?


    • How does Freelancer work for employers?
    • What fees will I pay?
    • How do I post a project?
    • How do I hire a Freelancer directly for my project?
    • Why is my project rejected?
    • What is a Featured Project?
    • What is a Recruiter Project?
    • What is an Urgent Project?
    • What is a Sealed Project?
    • What is a Private Project?
    • What is a Full-Time Project?
    • What is an NDA Project?

    Employers - Feedback

    • How do I rate and write a review for a Freelancer?
    • What if a Freelancer fails to complete my project?

    Employers - Milestone Payment

    • What is the Milestone Payment™ System?
    • Why use a Milestone Payment™?
    • How do I create a Milestone Payment™?
    • How do I release a Milestone Payment™?
    • How do I divide a Milestone Payment™ into parts?
    • How do I cancel a Milestone Payment™?
    • Why should I create a Milestone Payment™ immediately after awarding my project?
    • Can I make an advance payment to a Freelancer?
    • I already released my Milestone Payment™, is there a way for me to get my money back?

    Employers - Projects

    • How do I edit a project after bidding starts?
    • How do I put additional information after the bidding starts?
    • How do I invite a freelancer to bid on my project?
    • How can I ask questions before selecting a freelancer?
    • How do I award a freelancer?
    • Do I need to have sufficient funds in my account to award a freelancer?
    • How do I cancel a project?
    • How do I delete a project?



    • Is there a time limit to leave feedback?
    • Why can't I find the option to rate a user?

    Financial Reporting

    • How can I view my financial statements?
    • How can I export my financial statements?
    • What are the Profit & Loss graph and Quick Stats?
    • How can I view my Transaction History?
    • How can I export my Transaction History?
    • How can I export my Invoices?

    Freelancer Hire Me Program

    • What is the Freelancer Hire Me Program?
    • Where can I use it?
    • What are the benefits of the Freelancer Hire Me Program?
    • How do I create my own Freelancer Hire Me badge?
    • I don't have any projects/feedback yet, will this still work for me?
    • How do I qualify for the zero project fees?
    • I referred a new employer but we were charged with the project fees. Why?
    • What if my referral decides to hire other freelancers instead of me?
    • Can I still use the old Hire Me widget?

    Freelancer Memberships

    • What are Freelancer memberships?
    • What benefits do Freelancer Members get?
    • How much does a Freelancer Membership cost?
    • I've deposited funds for a Freelancer membership but haven't been upgraded yet.
    • What are the Payment Methods and Billing Cycles for Freelancer Memberships?
    • How do I upgrade my membership?
    • How do I downgrade my membership?

    Freelancer Rewards

    • What is Freelancer Rewards?
    • Who is eligible for Freelancer Rewards?
    • Where do I find my Freelancer Rewards?
    • How do I earn Rewards?
    • What is a Rewards Level?
    • Does my Rewards Level affect my reputation?
    • What are Rewards Badges?
    • Where are Rewards Badges displayed?
    • What are Freelancer Credits?
    • What are experience points (XP)?
    • What is the Credit Shop?
    • Why can't I spend credits in the Credit Shop?
    • Why are some Items listed as 'Limited'?
    • I bought an item from the Credit Shop but didn't receive the benefit?
    • Why am I not receiving the benefits of an unlocked reward?


    • How does work for freelancers?
    • What are the fees for freelancers?
    • I received a project offer from an employer but didn't bid on their project. How did this happen?

    Freelancers - Bidding

    Freelancers - Feedback

    • How do I rate and write a review for an Employer?
    • What is Completion Rate?

    Freelancers - Milestone Payment

    • How do I get paid?
    • Can I receive payments outside of a project?
    • Can I receive payments outside of Freelancer?
    • Why use a Milestone Payment™?
    • How do I check if the employer sent a Milestone Payment™?
    • How do I cancel a Milestone Payment™?

    Freelancers - Sponsored Bidding

    • What is a Sponsored Bid?
    • How do I sponsor my bid?
    • How many Sponsored bids can there be on one project?

    Hourly Projects

    • What is an Hourly Project?
    • How do I post an Hourly Project?
    • How many hours can I hire a freelancer for?
    • Can I request my freelancer to make changes to their invoice?
    • How do I request a Milestone Payment for an Hourly Project?
    • How do I provide feedback for an Hourly project?


    • What is an invoice for an external client?
    • How much does invoicing for external clients cost?
    • How can I create an invoice for an external client?


    • How do I send a message?
    • How do I open a chat?
    • How does chat work with messages?
    • Who can I message?
    • What happens when I message someone?
    • Can I unsend a message once it has been sent?
    • How do I add an attachment to my message?
    • Where can I find my messages?
    • How do I archive a conversation?
    • How do I view archived conversations?

    Payments and Billing

    • How do I deposit money into my account?
    • Can I use Bank Deposit to deposit funds?
    • My deposit is not reflecting on my account.
    • How are payments billed to my account?
    • How do I cancel my billing agreement?
    • How do I withdraw money from my account?
    • In what ways can you send me my earnings?
    • When will my withdrawal be processed?
    • Is there a cut-off time for submitting a withdrawal?
    • Why is my withdrawal still in the pending status?
    • Why is my withdrawal locked?
    • I'm trying to withdraw using Wire Transfer but I am being redirected to another payment method.
    • I entered an incorrect PayPal account when requesting a withdrawal. What should I do?
    • What is Express Withdrawal?
    • Are there any fees to use Express Withdrawal?
    • How much can I withdraw through Express Withdrawal?
    • What countries are applicable for Express Withdrawal?
    • Why can't I use Express Withdrawal?

    Payoneer Debit Card

    Preferred Freelancer Program

    • Are Recruiter projects exclusive?
    • What is the Preferred Freelancer Program?
    • Will the Preferred Freelancer Badge be visible to everyone on the site or just Recruiter project employers?
    • Why are my stats showing 0% in the eligibility checker when I have good stats on my profile?
    • Can I change my top skills in the eligibility checker?
    • How long does it take for applications to be reviewed?
    • When will the Preferred Freelancer Badge appear on my profile?
    • If I sign the Preferred Freelancer Service Level Agreement, can I request upfront payments?
    • Do I have to accept all projects that are sent to me?
    • Can I temporarily opt out of exclusive projects without affecting my Preferred Freelancer status?
    • Do I need to have the Mobile App installed?

    Project Showcase

    • What is Freelancer Showcase?
    • Why should freelancers showcase their work?
    • How can freelancers showcase their work?
    • How can employers use Freelancer Showcase?

    Services - Employers

    • How can I find the right services?
    • How can I order a service?
    • How can I communicate with the freelancer of the service?
    • How is the service delivered?
    • How can I rate freelancers for their service?

    Services - Freelancers

    • What is Freelancer Services?
    • How can I become a service provider?
    • What are the requirements to become service provider?
    • How does the selection algorithm work?
    • How can I manage my services?
    • How can I post my own services?
    • How do I know if I am awarded a service?
    • Can I reject the award for an assigned service?
    • What fees do I pay for an awarded service?

    Terms and Conditions


    • Basic Troubleshooting
    • When I try to log in, I'm redirected to the login page again without any error message. What should I do to log in?
    • Why am I not getting emails such as new project notifications?

    User Profile

    • How do I edit my Profile?
    • Corporate Profile
    • Personal Profile
    • Can I change my username?
    • Can I change my display name in my Profile?
    • How do I add a Portfolio to my Profile?
    • The profile icon on my Profile page is still showing as incomplete. How do I complete my profile?
    • How do I close my account?
    • Why is my account suspended?
    • Why is my account closed?